Ostomy Association of South Texas

Location #2 San Antonio Military Medical Center 

           When: Fourth Tuesday of the month

           Where: At San Antonio Military Medical Center 3551 Roger Brooke Drive San Antonio, Texas 

            78234. The meeting is located inside the 1st floor COTO Building, Pediatric Residents Conference   

            Room TN-122

           Time: At 6:00 pm in the Emergency Room Conference Room.

           Directions: Enter into the gate & follow until the stop sign, turn into the parking lot at the first right. Once in parking lot turn right & park in "Parking Lot D". (Note the area to the left is ER parking & you are not allowed to park there). When you look at the hospital you will see double doors & a sidewalk that leads to "Pediatric Entrance", enter through these doors & the conference room is the 2nd door on the right. **Please note this is an open meeting to anyone including civilians. Please be sure that everyone has valid IDs.

Shanna Fraser Pager Number 210-513-4360

Location #1 Ostomy Association of South Texas

          When: Last Monday of the month

          Where: At Warm Springs Connecability 5101 Medical Drive 1st Floor, San Antonio, Texas 78229

          Time: At 7:00 pm Main meeting Room

We meet every month but for May and December.

Please contact the person listed below for current information about the meetings.

There may be some changes due to holidays.

 Cristine Miller 210-870-6842


Location #3 Kerrville Support Group

           When: Second Sunday of the month

           Where: At Peterson Regional Medical Hospital in Kerrville, TX

           Time: At 3:00 pm Please contact the person listed below for current information about the meetings.

James Almand 830-370-2266


      With our diverse lifestyles it is often difficult to fit in all our responsibilities much less attend meetings for ourselves. This is why we have tried to offer times that are convenient for you to attend these meetings. Location, meeting time and day of the week all play a part in fitting meetings into our schedule. With this in mind we are lucky to be able to have three different meeting times, place and day. Please bring a spouse, family member, or friend, it makes it easier to have someone to be with till you feel comfortable in the group. All are welcome!