Ostomy Association of South Texas

Selection Considerations, Problems, and Customized Options:

Here are some tips to remember when choosing your type of ostomy supplies:

  1. Always consult with your ET nurse first for information and recommendations for your particular situation.
  2. Remember that every person is different and you need to find what works best for you.
  3. You are free to experiment with different manufacturers of the same product or different types of products.
  4. Call the manufacturer's toll free 800 number and request product samples, or ask your supplier for a sample.
  5. Check with your supplier for suggestions for new products. Ask if they have an ET nurse available to answer questions.

Problems with your pouching systems generally split into two categories:

Problem: Defective product - e.g., pinholes or tears in pouch material, broken tail clips, damaged flanges/wafers. 
Solution: Contact either the manufacturer or the place of purchase. Request either a refund and/or a replacement product. Write down the lot numbers from the box and return it for new products. 

Problem: Product Incompatibility - e.g., an allergy to the tape or materials in the wafer or pouch, leakage due to the wafer not sticking or developing after weight change, etc. 
Solution: Contact your ET nurse for trouble-shooting the exact cause, and for finding a more appropriate system. If you find you've recently purchased a large amount of a particular product that is no longer appropriate for you, contact the place of purchase for their policies on exchanges or credit. They often will also suggest alternative products to try on a no obligation basis. 

Custom-Fitted Pouching Systems:

It is sometimes necessary for individuals to have ostomy products custom-fitted for their particular need. Whether it is for the wafer of a two- piece system or a special one piece pouch system, ask your ET nurse for recommendations. Remember what works for one person does not always work for another.